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Thursday, 02 April 2009 15:09
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narrowboatworld is virtually a waterways newspaper on the Web, and after 12 years is easily the most read and regarded as the most influential of any waterways publication.

We believe, that what is most important, that it is the most easy to negotiate, with the absolute minimum of clicks.

  • Latest updates are in the top right hand box  which will bring up the entire article, with the latest at the top of the list.
  • Latest columns are in the second right hand box , and clicking on any columnist name, will bring up the latest entire column.

  • Headline articles are in this centre column, with the latest at the top. Clicking the 'read more' brings up the entire article

  • Left hand boxes bring up the list of articles under that category,  with a 'read more' showing the entire article selected, and  with the facility to access previously published articles.

If you want to access a particular item, the Search facility will bring up all references to that item no matter where on the site.

It's that easy!


Registered users can upload photographs into the Gallery, though further registering is no longer possible.

However, there is no need as everything is open, with all the pages at public view.

The thumbnail of a Gallery picture shown on the Front page will enlarge to full size if clicked.


The Gallery allows people to view the entries in the current photographic competition (if running) and other sections, singly or by a slide show, by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Registered readers are now able to upload their own pictures direct into the various sections. A maximum of two is allowed in the competition and a maximum of ten allowed throughout the remaining categories per person/email address.

To include a picture fist click on the User Panel link at the top of the page then New Picture takes you to the choice of category, which at present are Northern Waterways, Midland Waterways, Southern Waterway, Fens and Waterways Nature, the latter referring to animals, flowers and plants, not waterway scenes.

Give your picture a title then click on its category (North is Manchester and above. Midlands is Birmingham and above. South below Birmingham). You can enter a description, but keep it to just a short sentence.

Then it is just a matter of browsing for your file and uploading.

Being narrowboatworld there are no silly rules, just keep to the subject. Do not over-use. And no animated gifs. Pictures to be around 500 pixels on their longest length. Different sizes of pictures will cause problems and large definition ones will not load.

Please note that all the photographs are the copyright of photographer, and must not be reproduced under any circumstances.

Photographs are usually deleted after being present for a year.


We welcome details of any waterway events that are organised, which can be sent using the email link at the right-hand top of the page.

The current events are automatically included on the Front Page, and if any are clicked, the information we have been given will be shown.

Event organisers should perhaps remember that this site has the largest readership of any waterways publication, and Events entry is free.  During November 2012 our server registered 300,000 hits, but admits it is unable to count them all...

It's welcome...

Emails in the form of letters or articles are always welcome, for after all, as our former columnist Brian Holmes once wrote narrowboatworld is by boaters for boaters about boating.

Emails and features

Emails and features are always included unedited, except for any typographical or spelling errors and to comply with the Style Book, but we will not allow personal attacks, and should anything be untoward, the sender will be contacted.

In the case of emails or features complaining about the authorities, we do not hold with the system of sending to the authority concerned for comment, which others publishers then published with the original, which usually negates the writer's opinion.  But of course we do allow an email in answer. That is then the end of the matter.

The very strict rule is that the writer's full name must be included.  Under no circumstances will the correspondents email address be passed on to a third party, unless with express permission.


We are always pleased to receive information for publication concerning the waterways.


We of course accept photographs for inclusion, with of course an explanation, and will publicly acknowledge, but the photograph must have been taken by the sender, or permission obtained for it to be included.

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