Can we blame it?

Published: Thursday, 05 May 2016

I KNOW that many us complain at the silly statistics and the seemingly daft things they do, but those at Canal & River Trust have to impress the government, as after all it holds the purse strings, writes T. Lang.

Being told that the canals attract all those millions of visitors, so much more than the National Trust and all its properties, will impress someone in government, for as we know from what comes out of the mouths of many of those who run this country, their intelligence often leaves something to be desired.

Another winner

And all that fancy poetry, whether on lock gates or the towpaths will be another winner for some, with duck lanes for the ducks really impressing the nature lovers, well believing that the ducks must have of course been trained to keep to their lanes.

Then of course Canal & River Trust is so concerned about those who cannot afford housing, especially in London, by providing mooring spaces for people to live in boats, taking the pressure off local councils, that will be well impressive making sure, by undertaking such worthy action, it guarantees that important grant from the government.

Who really cares

As to the canals, who really cares?  A past government wanted to close them all down, and it was only the work of dedicated enthusiasts who kept many open and have even re-opened others.  So Canal & River Trust really have to work hard to impress, hence all those so beloved inflated statistics and such-like.

So really can we blame it?