Magistrates slam speeding boater

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2010
MAGISTRATES at Maidenhead Court landed a speeding boater with a total of  £4,600 for speeding on the Thames.

The sea lock gates arrive

Published: Wednesday, 10 March 2010
SHARPNESS Sea Lock gates are seen arriving from Holland to be installed at the end of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

Ten years ago...

Published: Monday, 08 March 2010

TEN years ago today, the 8th March 2000, a new Web address was registered that has had quite an effect on the waterways over the intervening years.

Mersey Crossing full

Published: Monday, 08 March 2010

THE Inland Waterways Association Mersey Crossing Convoy has now reached its capacity, and no more boats can be accommodated.

New footbridge for Rochdale Canal

Published: Monday, 08 March 2010

IT IS walkers who are set to benefit from the construction of a new footbridge over the Rochdale Canal in Manchester.

Ulverston Canal saved

Published: Monday, 08 March 2010

THE Ulverston Canal Company and a canal trust  have been formed to take over the derelict Ulverston Canal from its previous owners GlaxoSmithKline.

Another canal murder arrest

Published: Monday, 08 March 2010

THERE has been another arrest of a man who has been charged with the murder of a Chinese man whose body was pulled out of the Selby Canal last year.

No Thames race

Published: Saturday, 06 March 2010

THE annual Head of the River Race scheduled for last Saturday has been cancelled owing to the river running too fast.

Encouraging visitors

Published: Saturday, 06 March 2010

BRITISH Waterways and  New Deal for Communities ABCD[?] is spending £446,000 in an attempt to open up the Old Main Line of the BCN to encourage more visitors.

Development for disused canal

Published: Friday, 05 March 2010

DEVELOPMENT plans for just under 100 homes have been submitted by a disused canal.