Single handed boater collapses at tiller

Published: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A SINGLE handed boater collapsed at the tiller of his narrowboat whilst cruising the Coventry Canal through ​Huddlesford, but luckily other boaters moored nearby saw his plight and did something about it.

One steered his boat to the collapsed boater's boat that had stopped away from the towpath and roped it bringing it to the towpath, whilst another called the emergency services, Alan Tilbury reports

Regained consciousness

This happened yesterday morning (Tuesday) by Bridge 82, with paramedics quickly attending and discovering the 68 years old boater had by then regained consciousness, but they found he was suffering existing conditions as well as very low blood pressure.

He needed to go to hospital, but being some distance from the road bridge the ambulance crew took advantage of the offer of travelling with their patient on another narrowboat to where he could be transferred to the ambulance and so to hospital.

His boat was secured by the towpath for his return.