Considering 'forgetting' to renew his licence!

Published: Monday, 26 June 2017

THE only thing that stops me living on my boat now that I am well retired is there is so little storage space, but I have seriously considered 'forgetting' to renew my licence and join all the others, writes Phillip Howden.

At present I moor in a marina on the Trent & Mersey Canal, and it costs me around £3,000 a year like your contributor, and my finances are becoming very strained, having the upkeep of both a flat and a boat, but as mentioned, it is the lack of storage space for my thousands of books, I am a collector, that is the problem. The many first editions I have would not do well in the damp of living on water, though at a pinch this could be overcome by having someone take care of them, but then I would no longer have the pleasure of having them by me. I realise this may seem strange to those hooked onto computers, but my love of books goes right back to my childhood.

Six feet floor space

I know that many who have taken to the water realise the very limited six feet floor space becomes a problem, and I know of two who just could not take it, especially after a winter aboard.  Luckily one of them kept his house, but the other pair sold-up, and had a problem selling their boat before they could buy somewhere to live, being too old to get a mortgage.

The lack of actual living space would not cause me a problem, as neither would winter, as I have often cruised in cold weather, and an efficient diesel heater solves that problem.  The temptation is great, and getting rid of the expence of the flat would be a blessing, and taking permanently to the water would solve my money problems, especially as the trend seems to be to 'forget' to renew the licence!