No longer cares

Published: Monday, 26 June 2017

I NOW get the distinct impression that those at Canal & River Trust no longer care if those selfish boaters are moored for weeks on 48 hour mooring or not, writes, T. Lang.

The pictures you have shown of the boats constantly moored on the 48 hours moorings on Sawley Cut, with one moving just a few yards after a month or so on lock moorings either side of the lock rather proves the fact.

Does nothing about it

Victor's story about the boaters at Willington having a long expired Boat Safety Certificate shows CaRT is not bothered about people having no licence, as those boaters cannot have one without a current certificate, yet we all know that CaRT is well equipped with up to date equipment that shows if a boat is unlicenced, but obviously cares to do nothing about it.

Some time back it was stated that CaRT had many enforcement officers, but have they been 'thrown on the scrap heap' as the Morning Star states?  For it is obvious to many of your readers who tell about their seeing unlicenced and overstayers that very little is now being done. If this carries on, all the visitor moorings, no matter how supposedly restricted, will be packed by people living on boats, many obviously not bothering with such as Boat Safety Certificates, insurances and certainly not licences.

I think I might join them, it will save me £2,500 in mooring fees and £900 for a licence!