Emails: Keeping gas bottles safe

Published: Monday, 26 June 2017

Of course prevention is better than cure and once the gas bottle have gone it's too late—or is it. What about marking gas bottles with a UV pen or 'smart water'? That would. at least provide evidence if required.

Bill Ridgeway


Alas there are some rather unsavoury people on the waterways nowadays, you can see by the way they treat and live on their boats, so gas bottles are going to get taken, and they will make sure they are full!

Helen Cripps


I have made sure that my gas bottles that are kept in a locker on the back deck are chained together, which I feel makes them much more secure.

The thief would be unable to carry two bottles so chained, with even two having problems. I have thought about having the locker padlocked, but they only need a single blow with an heavy object and it is open.

Gerald Farthing