Stealing gas bottles at Willington

Published: Friday, 23 June 2017

TWO boaters have told that their gas bottles have been stolen from their narrowboats moored at Willington on the Trent & Mersey Canal.

Robert Gleeson had a gas bottle taken from his gas locker on the back deck, but has no idea when it was taken as it was only when his present bottle ran out and he went to change over when he realised his full bottle had gone.

Another taken

Robert also told us that last month another boater was complaining of having a gas bottle taken, when he came around asking other boaters if they too had lost one, but at that time both his were still on the boat.

He told us that someone who has been moored a long time on the towpath side at Willington is suspected, but nothing can be proven. The Canal & River Trust have been told of the thefts, but no one has visited, with Robert telling us:


"Nothing has been done of course, but the word has spread and I for one have now installed a padlock on my gas locker, and another boater I know has chained his two bottles together, as a person would not be able to take two at once."