Who will be blamed?

Published: Thursday, 22 June 2017

I moor our narrowboat at Anderton on the Trent & Mersey, and very often use Barnton and Saltersford tunnels, and occasionally Preston Brook Tunnel, so what if I meet a canoe in them? Asks Terry Bramley.

Two boats cannot pass in these tunnels, and there are no lights governing either Barnton or Saltersford, with the latter having a bend in the middle so you cannot see what is coming.  Preston Brook Tunnel is very long and dark.

Canoeists messing about

I have seen canoeists messing about on both the Trent & Mersey and the Bridgewater, with them racing in a couple of instances, particularly at week-ends

Now that canoes are being allowed in tunnels, the more adventurous of them will no doubt want to 'have a go' in a tunnel, and I can't see them realising the danger of meeting a powered narrowboat heading towards them, and as Orph Mable very well told, I too have my tunnel light pointing towards the roof, so I will have no chance, stood at the back of a 60ft boat, of seeing a canoe approaching me so low in the water.

God help the canoeist

It is very obvious that some boater travelling through a tunnel will hear a crash, then realise he has hit, or been hit, by a canoe, and God help the canoeist.  But who will be blamed?

It should be Canal & River Trust, but it will no doubt be the boater, who really would be blameless.