Published: Thursday, 22 June 2017

THE Canal & River Trust is rather keen to attempt to show its 'achievements' by the use of surveys, which it states are from a 'representative selection' of the public, but this time it has rather dropped a clanger.

In its attempt to at last draw attention to the very dangerous matter of speeding cylists, it has undertaken a survey—and here we quote—'This is the result of a recent survey of 2,050 adults last August that discovered nearly a quarter (23%) of people told their biggest bugbears in public places is when cyclists speed past them, and with it stating that 'half of Brits (50%) going out of their way to find a quieter/greener area to escape the hustle and bustle of main roads the campaign [of sleeping policement] will be welcome news to those who like life by the water'.

Took Victor's advice

It then took Victor's advice concerning its 'visits', who told the Trust it would look better if the figure was not all noughts, so instead of 400,000,000 a year it is now 369,000,000 visits a year!

So if 23% tell that their biggest bugbear is when cyclists speed past them, it can only mean that the Canal & River Trust now admits that there are around 100,000,000 instances when visitors to its towpaths are complaining about speeding cyclists!

Something definitely wrong somewhere.