Runner drowned in canal

Published: Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A RUNNER who was missing for three days was later discovered drowned in the Basingstoke Canal.

Mark Baldwin described as a keen triathlete runner, went out running along the Basingstoke Canal towpath at Fleet with his dog, but though the dog was found, it was three days before Mark's body was discovered in the waterway, Alan Tilbury reports.

Slipped or fell into canal

It was accepted by the inquest into his death that somehow he slipped or fell into the canal, that had a muddy bank, whilst running.

The Coroner, Andrew Bradley, told he could not be sure what caused Mr Baldwin's death, although he believed he died after suffering heart arrhythmia, suggesting that the shock of the cold water caused the arrhythmia, a condition which affects the heartbeat. He dismissed claims that the 45 years old Mark had died of a heart attack, as he was extremely fit.

Didn't look very well

However one witness told the inquest that she met him on that run and that 'he looked as if he had just run 20 miles, He didn't look very well. I saw him about half a mile from the canal, his dog was ahead of him and he looked pale and tired..

His body was eventually discovered by a specialist search team.