CaRT have lost the plot

Published: Thursday, 15 June 2017

I AM a continuous cruiser that follows the rules as do the majority of us moving a fair distance before the 14 days are up, but there are 100's that do not writes Sid Haworth.

I have not cruised the Macclesfield Canal for quite a while, so don't know the situation there, having spent the past few years both around Birmingham and having a gold licence on the Thames and to Bristol on the Kennet & Avon, I can say the number of boats moored away from official moorings that I have seen still there when passing again are legion.

Children at school

It is easy to spot them, not only from the stuff piled on their roofs but the objects on the towpath, and our log shows when we were last in the vicinity.  I can confirm the problem around Bath, but it is clear that Canal & River Trust are swayed by the publicity churned out to the newspapers by the 'Bargees' of children not being able to get to school if the boats are made to move, the newspapers of course not being told that those same people agree to move every 14 days on a continuous cruiser licence thus saving themselves having to pay for moorings. Why the Canal & River Trust don't stand up to these people I just cannot understand.

But back to the number of as we now all call continuous moorers.  It is obvious that the more people that get away with it the more people will join their ranks, forsaking both marina and official towpath moorings that cost money and take out continuous cruiser licences thus not having to pay any mooring fees.

Many suggestions

Many suggestions have been put forward by various people to tackle the problem, I know I have my own suggestion, but whatever, it seems that Canal & River Trust are either not bothered or have simply lost the plot.

I believe it is the latter.