Okay for some...

Published: Friday, 09 June 2017

TODAY I was told unceremoniously by Great Haywood Marina to leave the marina because I breached their terms and conditions for trying to sell my boat whilst still in the marina, writes Peter Cooley.

I agree, that I am trying to sell my boat via eBay but the fact of the matter was—I was shopped by permanent residential members who according to the terms and conditions are themselves in breach for being on their boats for more 120 days per year.


The hypocrisy of the Great Haywood staff is unbelievable. This is a clicky residential community that believes it owns the right to all the facilities 24/7 365 days a year, subsidised by the non-residential members and then, polices the pontoons whilst themselves being in breach of the terms and conditions.

I’m gob-smacked and deeply disappointed in this new breed of residential members.

[Peter tells us he has arranged for a lift to collect his boat.]