CaRT has lost interest in it core responsibility

Published: Friday, 09 June 2017

I FIRMLY believe that Canal & River Trust  has either completely forgotten, or more likely is no longer interested in its core responsibility of looking after the waterways for boaters, writes James Henry.

Why else would it be putting so much effort into catering for cyclists, canoeists and now giving up nearly a 1,000 acres of our waterways for nature?

Endless coir rolls

As your article suggests there will soon be endless coir rolls 'sausages' lining the banks preventing mooring, and most likely miles of fencing protecting the various things that CaRT is now so concerned about.  But what I find so annoying is that there are literally scores of organisations already looking after these creatures.

The country is packed with natural streams and rivers, countless miles and miles of them, yet we have to cater for these creatures on man made canals, that it totally unnecessary.

It just makes you wonder what is the next hare-brained scheme to be hatched-up, that again will take more money from maintenance that is now in such a precarious state.  But I don't expect anyone at Cart really bothers, providing they can keep on with their silly schemes.