Wigan Flight leaks having effect

Published: Wednesday, 07 June 2017

ASKING boaters to report leaks to Canal & River Trust, it was told by our Keith Gudgin that the Wigan Flight, with its locks then chained up,  were virtually all leaking, and today (Wednesday) the situation is worse.

From today, boaters will only be allowed navigation through the Wigan Flight for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. The times are 8am until 9am in the morning and from 2pm until 3pm in the afternoon. The same restrictions have been put on Poolstock Lock on the Leigh Branch, stopping regular access.

wigan flightBountySecurely chained-up

Boats arriving at the locks at other times will be unable to proceed as the locks will be securely chained-up.  Also, overnight mooring on the Wigan Flight will only be allowed at Rose Bridge Lock (54) and there will be 'a roving lock keeper' patrolling the flight. (The picture shows our boat descending Wigan Flight in happier times!)

Boaters should be aware that the allowed passages through the locks will not be assisted.

It is not known if yesterday's rainfall has made any difference to water levels, but the restrictions will remain in place until water levels have risen.