Stopping boats for canoeists to use tunnel

Published: Wednesday, 07 June 2017

THE Canal & River Trust is going all out to welcome canoeists to the waterway tunnels, and have solved the problem of the danger of mixing canoeist with narrowboats by closing the tunnels for narrowboats whilst the canoeists are inside.

netherton insideThe latest to be closed to all narrowboats is Netherton Tunnel on the BCN that will be closed to normal narrowboat traffic for most of a Saturday, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Prevent narrowboats

On Saturday 22nd July, Canal & River Trust staff will be stationed at both entrances of Netherton Tunnel to prevent any narrowboats from entering

The tunnel will be closed at 9am to all normal boating traffic, for four hours whilst canoeists use the tunnel, then be re-opened, it is expected in the afternoon.