Danger on the Coventry towpath

Published: Tuesday, 06 June 2017

MotorbikeTowpthNEVER mind Lycra louts on bicycles, if anyone comes across this idiot on a scooter, please call 101 and notify the Warwickshire Police, writes Kevin McNiff.

I took this photograph on Saturday afternoon and after checking online, found that it is registered as SORN. (Statutory Off Road Notification.)

Regularly uses towpath

It seems that the machine is insured, but the police declined to say any more but will check it out and contact the registered owner. Maybe he uses the towpath of the Coventry Canal on a regular basis between Atherstone and Hartshill/Nuneaton. Another accident in the offing?

I can however report that the boats Roger Fox mentioned laid up at Atherstone top lock moorings have moved on.