Lock moorings closed for three years

Published: Monday, 05 June 2017

THE mooring bollards have been fenced off with timber stakes and wire fencing as we passed through the Adderley Flight in 2016 and 2014 at Adderley bottom lock—Why? Asks Iain Jones.

It was great in 2016 when CaRT had on over-night closure to carry out remedial works on Lock 3 bottom gates/sluices that were leaking so badly that the lock could not be filled.

Took five folks to open

On our way to the Montgomery it took five folks plus a boat nudging the top gate to get it open—yet on our way back 10 days later all was fixed following an over-night closure. Well done CaRT or whoever!

Why does it take over three years to re-open the moorings at Adderley bottom lock? I assume that it can only be an underwater obstruction that could be dealt with in a couple of days maximum.

Wood End Lock

It's like Wood End Lock at Fradley where the ground paddle was not working for three years due to debris trapped in the sluice/paddle arrangements—Again Why?

(Iain Jones is a marine surveyer. www.jonesmarinesurveys.co.uk)