More moorings on the Avon

Published: Wednesday, 17 May 2017

PERSHORE on the Avon is a favourite staying place for boaters on the Avon, with nearby facilities and attractive walks, and now there is more handy moorings.

Moorings PershoreThe moorings have been constructed by the Avon Navigation Trust in partnership with the Angel Hotel as part of its ongoing bid to provide more boating facilities, Juliette Kemp tells us.

Gave materials

The Angel financed the materials and lease the land to the Avon Navigation Trust, which designed and built the mooring free of charge. It’s the latest partnership project, following on from a meeting at the Fleet Inn at Twyning in 2015.

The official opening also celebrated the life of a long-standing volunteer, Ambrose Emerson, through the unveiling of a plaque.