Dangerous weir signs

Published: Sunday, 30 April 2017

FOLLOWING on from Victor's comment about Weir Signs there is one on the Severn at Upper Lode Lock. The biggest sign has an arrow pointing to the weir, writes Amy Dickerson.

This is the most prominent since the other sign is difficult to work out as it covered in grime and faded. It certainly had me confused at first as I started to turn that way then realised the weir was there. If it confused me, I have been up and down the Severn many times, it going to catch someone out soon.

Warned CaRT it was dangerous

Last week I sent an email to CaRT warning that exiting the Partings on the Severn was dangerous when leaving Gloucester whilst the water levels are low.

My boat started to roll sideways badly. As I fought it using the tiller I could see mud coming from the prop. I must have gone over a mud bank which caused the turbulence. I got an acknowledgement of my email. Yet no notice has been published warning boaters to be careful. Why?