Addition to the boat's crew

Published: Friday, 28 April 2017

THERE was an addition to the crew of the narrowboat Penny moored at the Priory Marina at Bedford—a baby daughter.

Recently the boat was turned into a maternity ward for the birth of baby daughter Matilda, hardly the place for a birth, but chosen by the couple Bethan and Phil Owens, who live on the boat, Alan Tilbury reports.


Though the two midwives found the space in the narrowboat somewhat cramped, they managed okay and were profusely thanked by the proud parents for their efforts.

The pair are continuous cruisers, but decided to moor-up at Priory Marina for the birth, and shortly will be setting off once more, and intend to cruise until Matilda is old enough to attend school then realise they will have to get a permanent mooring, with Phil remarking about the birth:

“We’ve been afloat for four years now and I was dubious about Beth having the baby on the boat at first, but the labour was so quick. She wanted to be in a known environment at home, and who was I to say she shouldn’t be?

“The canal boat was a compromise—what works for us is that we own our home, but we aren’t in debt like we would be with a house."