They are a menace

Published: Thursday, 27 April 2017

AS A single-hander, the one thing that gets me more than anything else when cruising is the people that Amy Dickerson wrote about this morning, leaving gates open and paddles up, writes Tom Redway.

I know that many years ago there was someone, if I remember rightly, moored on the Lea who often wrote that this was the thing to do, his thinking that sometimes it would be advantages for a boat heading in where the gates are open, not having the sense to realise that a single-hander would rather have them closed so as to open just one lock gate on a broad lock rather than have to go around and shut one, and most likely put the paddles down as well.

Should be left closed

The rules clearly state that unless there are exceptional circumstances, that are usually stated, all gates should be left closed and the paddles down, especially now that so many leak.

It is just sheer idleness, as was stated, that prompts boaters to leave gates open and paddles up, And it is always those with a crew that do this, and all too often, it gives me no pleasure to say, those on the old so-called 'traditional' boats who think they own the waterways.