Over-stayers—maintenance—getting hung-up

Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A selection of your emails

Over-stayers on Sawley Cut

Those two boats that you picture on Sawley Cut have no respect for any rules, as I have seen the pair in various locations around the area, normally moored right on a water point as they are at Sawley, and will not move even when politely asked.

Canal & River Trust just seem to ignore them, which makes me wonder why.

Brian Hawkins


From my various emails to you you will be aware that we have been boating for many, many years, and have to say that under British Waterways, before the present chief executive took over, all maintenance was finished by the time the boating season started, and there were nowhere near the stoppages that we are getting now.

For those years our many cruises all over the system were without problems, but last year we were halted twice by stoppages and both by lock failures.

It seems to me that turning British Waterways into a charity was a bad move, as it seems to now have its objects into too many things that are not waterway related.

T. Lang

Getting hung-up

There is a very simple way to stop your boat ever being hung-up on a lock cill—keep it well forward when going down. But it seems that beginners either don't realise this or are not told.

Helen Cripps