Archbishop travels by boat for minster-making service

Published: Tuesday, 25 April 2017

THE  Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is to bestow minster status on Hull’s 700 year old, Holy Trinity church, arriving by boat at Hull Marina.

Dr Sentamu will carry a lantern lit at All Saints Church in Hessle on board the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) heritage lifeboat, William Riley, from Hessle Haven on a five mile voyage to Hull Marina, on Saturday 13th May, before processing to Holy Trinity to join public festivities ahead of the minster-making service.

John SentamuFlotilla

The William Riley will be accompanied by a flotilla of other vessels, including police and Humber pilot launches, the Humber Rescue boat and pleasure boats from Hull Marina, on a spectacular voyage to Hull.

The arrangements will hark back to the medieval origins of Holy Trinity and also celebrate Hull’s maritime heritage in what will be one of the keynote events during Hull’s year as UK City of Culture.

Fantastic day

Dr Sentamu explained:

“This will be a fantastic day when we rejoice in the place of Holy Trinity at the heart of the city of Hull by designating it as Hull Minster. To be able to arrive from the Humber, the river which is so much a part of the city’s heritage, will make it that much more special. As we celebrate together in this City of Culture year, I pray that Hull Minster will continue to be a place where all are able to encounter God and to know His presence with them in all that they do.”

David Parkinson, British Waterways Marina Ltd’s Manager of Hull Marina and a supporter of Holy Trinity, has also played a key role in arranging the Archbishop’s journey by boat to Hull and the supporting flotilla telling:

“Everything has fallen into place with so many people keen to work together to bring a nautical aspect to the minster-making. It’s a real honour to assist Holy Trinity with such an important event and we’re looking forward to bringing an additional sense of spectacle to the day.”