Freight on narrow canals

Published: Friday, 21 April 2017

ALL too often we get some councillor or other wanting to show off his 'green' credentials spouting about saving lorries on roads by using the canals, writes James Henry.

But none of them really know what they are talking about and obviously don't know the canals, in fact I wonder if some of them think they are simply continuous waterways like the Bridgewater and are not aware of locks. The councillor referred to in your article obviously does not realise that Birmingham is stuck on a hill.

Long gone

The days of using the canals for what they were originally intended for have long gone, the building of the railways and the motorways have seen to that.

But no doubt there will still be those who have not the sense to realise that transporting freight on the narrow canals is a non-starter, so will attempt to promote their 'green' credentials.