Aston Canal drained for body

Published: Thursday, 20 April 2017

THE Aston Canal in Ancoats has been drained by the police, looking for the body of a teenager who went missing eight years ago.

The teenager, Jordan Ratcliffe, was 16 years old when he was given a lift by a relative to Manchester's Northern Quarter in August 2008, but has not been seen since, Alan Tilbury reports.

Dumped in the waterway

Though there have been reported sightings of Jordan in other parts of the country, the police believe he met his death nearby with the possibility that his body was dumped in the waterway.

It is this that has prompted the search in the canal, with draining it seeming the best method of search, though nothing has been reported of any discovery.

It is not known when the pound will be filled or if other pounds may also be searched.