Would win a photo competition

Published: Thursday, 20 April 2017

AS AN amateur photographer I have followed various photo competitions run by the boating community, and I feel I must remark that your photograph by Ted Williamson of the blue tit on his hand on the towpath puts many of them in the shade, writes Jane Greer.

I admit I am not a regular reader, but was prompted to have a look by the suggestion in the the newsletter from the Chesterfield Canal Trust, of which my husband is a member, to log on to your site and see the article showing the wild bird on Ted's hand, that I thought one of the best such photographs I have seen.

Posed pets

The ones in the competitions usually show posed pets or stretches of what are really boring canals, usually with a bridge and boats, but the one with the blue tit was so obviously a 'spur of the moment' thing, with Ted having the sense to get out his mobile phone to take the picture of what must be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I would like to congratulate him in enabling us all to see such a remarkable photograph. Of which I must admit I am jealous!