'Rules don't refer to us'

Published: Tuesday, 18 April 2017

IT IS VERY obvious that there are many boaters who firmly believe that rules just do not apply to them, allowing them to moor where they want, for how long they want and break a few more rules in the meantime.

These two boats pictured have for starters been moored opposite a 48 hours mooring sign on Sawley Cut for two weeks, way before Easter and still there after the holidays. To further cock a snoot at those boaters that obey the rules, as can be seen, have commandeered the water point solely for themselves.

Generator throughout the day

It gets worse, for whereas most boaters use a generator for a short time to charge their batteries, these two boats obviously don't posses banks of batteries, so the generator is going throughout the day, and the 8pm shut-off rules for generators they believe does not apply to them, for moored well down Sawley Cut on Monday night we could hear it right up to 10.36pm, it being large and noisy.

This meant that over the Easter Holidays, those boaters that had planned a fairly quiet couple of nights on Sawley Cut, were rather disillusioned, as those boaters in those two boats had other ideas—selfish ones.

Still there next week?

Will they still be there next week, or will at last someone from the enforcement team do something about the complaints that two boaters tell us they have made?