But they are continuous cruisers...

Published: Wednesday, 12 April 2017

THE 'Boats Are Homes' march has just taken place by the National Bargee Travellers Association, with it states around 200 taking part.

 The 'Boats Are Homes' demonstration was organised in protest against Canal & River Trust's (CaRT) policy of evicting or threatening to evict travelling boat dwellers if they do not comply with unlawful travel requirements. Boat dwellers from all over the waterways took part, a spokesman for the organisation stated, and continues:

Number 10

The boaters marched to number 10 Downing Street to hand in the 'Boats Are
Homes' petition to the Prime Minister which has been signed by more than
33,300 people. The petition calls on the Prime Minister to intervene to
stop Canal & River Trust making boat dwellers homeless.

The march then continued to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs in Smith Square to hand in a letter demanding that the Government
takes responsibility for stopping CaRT's unlawful enforcement policy
against boat dwellers.

End to evictions

As well as an end to evictions and unlawful travel requirements, boat
dwellers' demands include more basic amenities such as water taps, sewage
disposal and rubbish disposal facilities. The march also demanded an end
to the privatisation by CaRT of public towpath mooring space on its
waterways. Many believe that the heightened enforcement from CaRT has a
direct correlation with the gentrification and privatisation of the

One of the main effects of the intensification of CRT's enforcement policy
is the denial of access to education for boat families with school age
children. This is a key reason why so many boat dweller families took part
in the demonstration. The campaign for boat dweller children to have equal
access to education continues.
Not moving

What is not stated is that these boaters have only a continuous cruiser licence, and should be abiding by its rules, which many—moving just a few yards, if at all—are not.