Another bar for Bristol Harbour

Published: Wednesday, 12 April 2017

AN OLD historic narrowboat, built in the 1930s has been restored and converted into a bar and café and floated at Bristol Harbour.

It has taken over a year to convert the boat but it is now completed and moored and welcoming guests and is expected to do exceptional business, Alan Tilbury reports.

Panoramic View

It was Luke Dustan who was behind the project, with the old boat giving customers a panoramic view of the harbour and its activities.

It is moored in an ideal place, just where people wait to take a boat tour on Bristol Packet's Boat Tours to various locations, and is set to do good business this season.


It is equipped with a kitchen, providing food and drink and stocks bottled beers, ciders and wines.

It provides cream teas as well as coffees and is due to open on Good Friday.