Not so 'wild'life on the Chesterfield

Published: Monday, 10 April 2017

CYCLIST Ted Williamson was on his usual route home along the Chesterfield Canal towpath when he had a never-to-be repeated experience.

He was cycling along from Tapton Lock towards his home when he espied a small bird sat in the middle of the towpath.  Not wanting to cause it harm he dismounted and attempted to get it to move, but to no avail, the blue tit just stood there looking at him.

Jumped on his hand

Then Ted had the shock of his life when without warning the tit jumped on to his hand! This was certainly no wild bird. And it stayed there listening to him, even whilst he removed his mobile to take the picture!

Hearing other birds in the distance he told his new friend that he should join them, at which the bird took off, with Ted telling narrowboatworld:

"People passing by must have wondered what I was doing as they could see me talking but not what I was talking to!"