Are the Bargees right?

Published: Monday, 10 April 2017

THE National Bargee Travellers Association is organising a demonstration at Westminster about the lack of moorings in London believing that Canal & River Trust is taking over existing moorings to rent out.

The Bargees have complained that the Trust has stated that it intends to get rid of both the Tower Hamlets and Gas Works moorings, and rent space out itself for residents boats, depriving its members of mooring space.

'Rings' instead of moorings

In response Canal & River Trust has issued a Press Release stating that it has provided more moorings and facilities on the London canals, and that it has provided '125 mooring rings'! This is obviously a new term used to imply it has provided more moorings that it actually has by stating 'rings' instead of moorings. The actual number of moorings is not stated.

There is obviously a great demand for London Moorings as a cheap method of housing, and CaRT is obviously aware, hence it renting out its space at the two locations, but taking visitor moorings. It tells it has created 14 long term moorings at various locations, but just one visitor mooring at Kings Cross.

So are the Bargees right in its claims that CaRT is actually cutting its visitor moorings for its own use?