Aylesbury Arm closed again

Published: Wednesday, 05 April 2017

DURING the past two years the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union Canal has been closed five times, and today, as the paddles have given up the ghost and closed Locks 1 and 2 it is closed again.

These closures do not include the massive eight months closure of of the Arm when Buckland Lock completely collapsed, leaving the moorers at Aylesbury completely trapped, and in April too, just at the start of the boating season.

Craned out

They were only able to 'escape' by being craned out, transported by lorry and craned back in again, and in reverse when they wanted to return, the lock being closed until November. Though the authorities provided the craning, it was only at certain times, that too caused problems for boaters.

The various closures have been caused mainly by paddle and lock failures, with boaters believing the Arm has been neglected, and is in need of some much needed TLC from Canal & River Trust, to prevent the ongoing problems.

The real culprit

In describing the current failure, on Locks 1 and 2 (pictured) CaRT maintain it is due to a 'damaged paddle', again suggesting it is boaters, and not lack of maintenance, that many boaters realise is the real culprit.

The Trust tells that the arm is navigable between locks 16 and 3, but show its complete lack of knowledge of the canal as the winding hole is by Lock 9, and should a boater cruise up to Lock 3, he will have no option but having to reverse back to Lock 9—not an easy task locking backwards!