The 'Bargees' have missed this one

Published: Saturday, 01 April 2017

WE ARE surely all aware of the the policy of the 'Bargees', but they have missed a trick to get long term moorings without a proper licence—as one fella has.

Another daft scheme

He has done it in an egg! Canal & River Trust seeing this as 'artistic', very much like its poetry on lock gates and the like, jumped on the idea of giving the egg and its owner free mooring on its waterways in another daft scheme. Even standing the cost of protecting it and moving it to various locations free of charge!  This is all 'artistic', and of course cost no object

So the fella gets free moorings, and for as long as he likes. Perhaps you 'Bargees' should also get artistic and the wood and screws out, and you will at last be in business to be able to stay as long as you desire at a mooring.  Could even get CaRT to move you should you desire.  Doesn't have to be an egg—anything artistic will fool those at CaRT!

Lowered by crane

Contributor, John Howard, witnessed the operation to get the egg on CaRT waters and writes:

'This floating 'Egg' was lowered by crane from the bridge at Black Horse Moorings at Great Linford this morning, accompanied by CaRT and moved into position by a CaRT tug for the next six weeks slightly North of Black Horse Moorings on the Grand Union.

This evening we have two security guys patrolling the length of the canal between the Egg and the Black Horse Moorings.

It would appear that CaRT are at least supporting this 'artistic' venture, and at worst funding the whole thing.

The Egg is moored on the towpath side of the canal on a general towpath mooring.

When was the last time you tried to sit in one place for four to six weeks without incurring the wrath of CaRT Enforcement Team? Perhaps the National Bargees are missing a trick here. Perhaps they should all become 'Artists'?!'

Discovered in New Forest

CaRT discovered the egg in the New Forest, the home of artist Stephen Turner, and wanted it on its waterways, transporting it to the Grand Union, with the intention of moving it from waterway to waterway with no limit has to how long it stays.


As to it having a Boat Safety Certificate or even a licence, we are not told.