No Tesco trolleys

Published: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

THERE is a something of a panic in Kidderminster on the Staffs & Worcs that the canal there will soon be full of Tesco trolleys.

This has been brought about of course by the news that Tesco stores are not prepared for the new £1 coin that comes out today, so all its trolleys will be 'free' and with the Tesco at Kidderminster being right next to the waterway, boaters are expecting getting their props well and truly fouled.

Dragged out

Especially as in the past lots of trolley were dragged out, as the picture above taken just by the store clearly shows.

But after it costing the supermarket in Kidderminster money, it quickly did something about it—inserted a strip above the steps shown in the picture, that immediately put a stop to the trolley, as we discovered when attempting to get the trolley by the side of our boat.

So there is no need to worry about that particular Tesco having its trolleys in the Staffs & Worcs Canal once again.