Stort stoppage longer still

Published: Monday, 27 March 2017

THE failure of Brick Lock (14) on the Stort and the inability of a quick repair means that boats moored above the stoppage on the river will not have easy access through the lock.

However. those wishing to attend the IWA Canalway Cavalcade will be allowed dispensation to pass through the lock though a list of details must first be given to Canal & River Trust before passage will be allowed, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Way back in January

Brick Lock on the river was closed way back on the 4th January for a reconstruction of the chamber wall, but though it will soon be three months, it is still not repaired, and will not be until May.

The reason for the long delay is that 'the wall that we're replacing was not constructed as anticipated and much more had to be removed'.

Not working

Though the Trust maintain 'our team is working 7 [seven] days a week to re-open the navigation' we have been told that this is not so, with one boater trapped by the stoppage telling us there have been weeks with no-one in sight.

There will be limited opening of the lock over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend 14th to 17th April, but boaters must contact the Trust to book passage.