Terror on the Thames

Published: Monday, 20 March 2017

AS the Houses of Parliament sits by the Thames, it was rather obvious that the authorities would eventually launch a simulated terrorist attack on the river, and did so yesterday (Sunday).

The scene was set with six 'terrorists' hijacking a trip boat heading up the Thames from Kent, with the passengers all taken hostage, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Boat intercepted

Then the boat was intercepted by firearms officers in two boats near the Isle of Dogs, who opened fire then boarded the craft overpowering the 'terrorists'.

The aim of the exercise was to test the capability of the Met and other emergency services while operating in a 'dangerous working environment' on the Thames, with Commander BJ Harrington, the officer in charge of the operation, explaining:

"We want to make sure we're all working together so that London's got a really good response should this terrible incident happen."

Not a specific threat

It was assured the exercise was not in response to any specific threat to the river or the capital, but a response to a report last year that security measures on the Thames needed to be strengthened.

Many agencies were involved including teams from the Met's specialist firearms unit SCO19, the Marine Policing Unit and the Dog Support Unit together with the Port of London Authority, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, RNLI, London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance.