No 'Pusher' in Bristol

Published: Monday, 20 March 2017

IT IS being claimed that there is a serial killer 'Pusher' in Bristol that is pushing young men to their deaths into the Avon.

But the police will have none of it, with CCTV footage and the fact that all three had spent the evening in clubs or pubs most likely to have stumbled into the river and being unable to get themselves out.

Echo of Manchester 'Pusher'

People are using the Bristol Post to make their claims that there is a 'Pusher' on the loose, in an echo of a similar claim in Manchester along the Rochdale Nine, after deaths in the canal by the many clubs and bars, that was unsubstantiated.

The claim has been brought about by three deaths in the river since January, with people claiming there is a serial killer on the loose in the city, completely disregarding the state of those that drowned who had all been on 'nights out' into the early hours.

Royal Life Saving Society

All three were in their 20s and all three were unaccompanied when they left the clubs, that has prompted the Royal Life Saving Society to put out a warning for young men to be more safety conscious near water.