Two 'missing' boats seen

Published: Thursday, 16 March 2017

TWO of the six boats that were auctioned after the close of Maestermyn Marine after the  death of its owner last year, and 'disappeared' have been spotted.

The six boats were listed as being stolen after a somewhat strange auction (Where have those boats gone?), though one has subsequently turned up at Overwater Marina, but no sign of the other five.

Two seen

But now Linda Millward of Teddesley Marine tells us that two of these missing boats were seen passing through Park Gate Lock on the Staffs & Worcs Canal, heading North—but with Tixall Lock closed until the 21st March, they can only go seven miles, with Linda telling us:

"I noticed the first one because it was stopped on a centre rope and it caused a considerable noise and I did not recognise the logo. I thought it strange that a hire boat was going that way as Tixall was out. The second boat was older and smaller."

So the 'plot thickens' for it is obvious the people on those two boats from Maestermyn Marine have no idea that they will be stopped by the repairs to Tixall Lock and then have the joy of reversing a mile to a winding hole.