Scottish canals could close to navigation!

Published: Sunday, 01 July 2018

THIS shock news has just been announced by Scottish Canals in its report that states a new strategy, which would not necessarily involve the movement of boats, should be introduced.

It has been prompted be the continuing deterioration of the waterways due to the lack of investment, Alan Tilbury reports.

The statement

'Historically, our approach has been to maintain all of the canals to a similar level of service, maintaining navigation and supporting a variety of additional uses. While this has been achievable in the short term, it has resulted in a growing backlog of work and further deterioration in assets.

Maintaining this approach is unsustainable. The asset management data is indicating an increase in the number of severe defects and reported problems indicating a decline in asset health leading to a growing risk of failure.

There is, therefore, a need to consider a more rationalised approach to budget prioritisation. Consideration must be given to the primary use and function of the various canals, recognising the wider benefits to the greatest number of people.

This may not necessarily include navigation'.