The Weaver is running dry

Published: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

NOT only was there another problem with the Anderton Lift earlier this week preventing full use on to the Weaver, but the river itself is now running dry!

So there are restrictions on the use of the locks on the river from yesterday, Tuesday, Keith Gudgin tells us.

1t dutton locksRestricted passages through locks

This is the consequence of the current dry spell and the long term forecast for dry weather, so the trust is having to implement a water conservation strategy, with the need to operate a timed passage through the locks on the Weaver.

Saltersford Lock, Dutton, (pictured) Hunts and Vale Royal locks will only be operated on the hour, both up and down, from 9am until 5pm, with the locks chained-up out of these times.

The overflow from the Middlewich Branch flowed into the Weaver, but with the breach, there is now no longer any supply from the canal, only from the small feeder stream, that is running dry.