CaRT hiding its incompetence

Published: Wednesday, 20 June 2018

So, now CaRT are blaming us boaters for the Middlewich breach by leaving lock paddles open are they? Asks John Coxon.

This is just another helping of utter crap from desk jockeys who just haven't got a bloody clue but are desperately trying to pass the buck to hide their total incompetence.

Water would have run off

Even if in the very unlikely event that all the paddles were left open on Stanthorne Lock the water would have run off via the bywash at Wardle Lock, unless of course CaRT had let it block up? In that case it would just run over the top of the lock gates.

I've seen many cases where a pound has been drained either intentionally or by accident and have never known a case where the water over-topped the towpath because of it? The bywash and byweirs just let it run away, as every real boater knows.

Regulate the water

All canals have byweirs that regulate the water level, we boaters see them all the time and all locks have some way of allowing water to bypass them or the canal would overtop every time a lock was opened above it.

CaRT were told three years ago now that the hire boats were travelling too fast along that waterway and the wash from these boats was damaging the embankment and washing away the subsoil behind the puddling.

I know, I was one of those who told them. They did nothing, I'll bet they didn't even go and have a look.

Waited for it to break

As a primary measure they should have compelled the hire companies to govern their boats to stop them going fast enough to produce such a harsh wash, but no, true to CaRTs maintenance  policy they did nothing to prevent it and just waited for it to break.

CaRT just love trying to blame boaters for all the problems on the canals. Well we've got news for them, we boaters know that over 90% of the problems on the canals are due to CaRT's total incompetence at running and maintaining the network.


Us boaters are not as stupid as CaRT management seem to think we are. But, as time goes by, I, along with many other boaters, are becoming more and more convinced that CaRT management are as incompetent as we think they are!

What excuses are they going to use to blame us boaters for the breaches on the L&L and Curly Wurly or the lock collapses on the Marple Flight? Can't wait for those, should be some real stunners if this latest crap is anything go by!