What about the rest of its waterways?

Published: Monday, 18 June 2018

I had to have a laugh when I read about CaRT bragging that the Regent's Canal was the cleanest in years, writes Adrian Fells.

I just have to ask 'what about the rest of its waterways'? We too have come through Birmingham the country’s 'second city' like you did, and can confirm the canals are filthy and covered in graffiti as your pictures show.

blackburn rubbish leftGraffiti strewn with rubbish everywhere

We have also been down into Coventry and that too is graffiti strewn with rubbish everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are these days in any built-up area (except the Regent's of course) you have to be careful through bridge holes as you are sure to hit something that has been thrown in, and of course left there.

Every town

Earlier in the year we managed (after two stoppages) the Leeds & Liverpool and every town we passed through had its share of rubbish with the exception of Burnley, with the canal perhaps too high for people to drag their rubbish!  (I'm attaching a picture I took of a Blackburn Lock!)

So before CaRT starts bragging about its clean Regent's Canal it should do something about the others.