Regent's 'the cleanest in years'

Published: Monday, 18 June 2018

BRINGING in volunteers to do the work, Canal & River Trust maintain that the Regent's Canal in the capital is 'the cleanest in years'.

The pound near Tower Hamlets, it reveals, is the cleanest it has been in years thanks to dedicated work by a group of volunteers who brought out piles of rubbish from the water with grappling hooks and picked up litter from the towpath, Roger Fox reports.

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According to the trust the volunteers have spent 37,143 hours cleaning-up the Regent's Canal in London canal over the past year.

It was helped when a pound at Mile End was drained to repair the walls with a great deal of rubbish being pulled out, with the trust telling that the clean-up has been boosted by an increase in volunteers who target specific parts of the canal, that are usually local to them.

Many of them use grapple hooks to collect large items left in the water.