Not fit for purpose

Published: Thursday, 07 June 2018

ISN'T it time the gloves came off with respect to CaRT? Asks Goff Low.

Closure after closure, pathetic excuses, mis-management of resources. The case needs to be stated, they are not fit for purpose and a formal complaint needs to go to the relevant responsible government minister.

Billy Butlin theme park

Is narrowboatworld a good vehicle for registering this? It seems to me that CaRT are trying to turn their asset into a Billy Butlin theme park with no desire to keep the system open for navigation.

Not sure what the protest strategy should be but licence payers sure as hell aren’t getting the service they pay for, yet CaRT's so called managers are on mega salaries for spouting bullshit to friendly media contacts, meanwhile tax (licence) payers are stranded.