Belvoir Castle holds up Grantham restoration

Published: Friday, 11 May 2018

IT WAS way back in 2015 that the Grantham Canal Society approached Belvoir Castle Estates for permission to gain access to the derelict Lock 14.

All that was required was permission to construct a track through a field to the lock, but the request was rebuffed, though a second approach did secure the estates 'in principle' acceptance, with the society drawing up an agreement.

Demanded formal agreement

Then in September 2017, the Belvoir Castle Estates became aware that Canal & River Trust were also involved and demanded a formal agreement between the castle and the trust.

The Grantham Canal Society, together with Canal & River Trust concurred, and presented the required draft formal agreement during December 2017, however, five months later there still has been no response from Belvoir Castle Estates.

In the hope that this matter would have been settled quickly, equipment was hired but has had to be returned with no agreement being received from the castle's solicitors.


Work is progressing on the next lock (15) with its gates on site, but with no work on Lock 14 owing to the Belvoir Castle Estates intransigence, this is most frustrating to the people of the Grantham Canal Society, especially as the funds obtained for the work have a strict time limit, meaning that should the castle continue its delay the money could be lost.

Belvoir Castle is owned by David Manners the 11th Duke of Rutland.