Is it blocked, breached or just empty?

Published: Monday, 30 April 2018

A POUND on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal is empty, but we are not told how or why.

The pound between locks 8 and 9 of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal in Worcester is empty and the navigation closed, Keith Gudgin tells us.

No intimation

But there is no intimation whatsoever of the reason it is empty from Canal & River Trust, only that it is closed from today, Monday.

All we are told is that it is—and here's a new one!—'That due to circumstances beyond our control, the pound between Bilford Lock (Lock 8) and Blackpole Lock (Lock 9) on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, is not navigable'.

So is it blocked breached or just empty?  Only time will tell.


We are told 'this issue has now been resolved', but no intimation as to what is was...