But what is it?

Published: Wednesday, 25 April 2018

HERE is Canal & River Trust's reason for all the money that now has to be spent in changing everything that contains its logo—for there is a new one.

And here's your first impressions:

new logoHave just seen a picture of the new logo on a post on a friends boating blog. No change in name, the swan and reeds have been replaced with a Polo mint with a dissolving bottom. Doesn't give any impression of the waterways, What a complete waste of money, if this is the best their marketing department can do to spend their surplus budget on they all want the sack. Then the surplus monies used to do what CaRT should be doing: keeping the waterways maintained by employing people on the banks that know what they are doing—Alan Baker.

This is a complete waste of money, as the new logo of a half submerged tyre signifies nothing, only some crazy thinking—Helen Cripps.

What is it? A polo mint?—Sid Haworth.

I have just seen the new logo that all the fuss was about, and it leaves me dumbstruck! I expect it is someone's idea of a bridge, but CaRT has been conned, it's amateur rubbish—James Henry.

Wrong again. Once again Cart has made a basic mistake with its new logo, as it is designed to fit on the left, taking prior position over text, whilst even a newby in the design world knows text is of the importance, with the logo taking second place on the right—Jim Cracken.

So we have two major canals closed (with excuse after excuse about the Marple Lock) and stoppages every week all clearly showing the lack of money, yet Canal & River Trust splash out a million on changing everything for a new, really ridiculous logo of a submerged car tyre.  The sooner I leave this crazy world of boating the better—Pat Jenkins.