The 'good news'

Published: Monday, 16 April 2018

I enjoyed reading David Hymers' item and thoroughly agree with him, writes Graham Booth.

We felt the same way about the Llangollen mooring situation so I asked one of the, then BW, fee collectors about it.

Planning condition

Apparently the mooring restriction is a planning condition intended to placate the owners of the houses overlooking the marina, although how it benefits them is not easy to see. I can understand them not wanting boats to take up residence in the marina but I can’t see the difference between a strictly enforced two-night stop in season and a strictly enforced three-night stop out of season.

Two nights only gives you one whole day in the town to relax and spend money so the shop and restaurant owners, as well as CaRT, are losing out on takings.

Would be attracted

I wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of the original residents have moved house in the intervening years. Anyone buying a house there now would see the set-up and decide if they liked it or not. I suspect that most would be attracted by the ‘Waterways factor’.