Another drunk boater drowns

Published: Monday, 16 April 2018

 A BOATER staggering back to his berth after a drunken night out fell in the marina and drowned.

Once again it shows that those who live on boats should either refrain or take extra care when attempting to board after taking too much alcohol.

PentonHookDrinking session

Known as 'John', it was after a drinking session with pals that he was left staggering back to his berth at Penton Hook Marina on the Thames, but alas fell into the water and drowned, Alan Tilbury reports.

A friend told that he had been drinking with him for over three hours, with CCTV showing him approaching his boat at 11.15pm.

Following morning

It was not until the following morning that his body was seen floating on the water at the marina where he had been resident for three years.